76 Ghz ( 75976.2 Mhz ) 

A summary of the more notable 76GHz QSO milestones


Sunday 1st September 2002

G3PYB located near Ventnor IOW contacts G8ACE & G8BKE at Highclere, Newbury

This creates a new UK distance record of 80km

Listen to G3PYB       Listen to G8ACE



Sunday 28th January 2001

G3PYB and G8ACE located near Butser Hill and Walbury Hill achieve a new distance of 52km.

The recording made by G8ACE is rather poor in quality. It is available to listen too here.

Sunday 10th September 2000.

G8ACE & G8BKE increase the distance to 35.5 Km

The path, Cheesefoot Head near Winchester to Walbury Hill.

Conditions were thought to be very poor with high humidity. The normal optical path being obscured by mist.

Also the same day, 27.5 Km was covered from Hackpen to Walbury Hill.

Again the humidity and mist persisted. The Impatt multiplier transmitt source was in use providing a good FM signal.

SSB was also just readable from the transverter.

Thursday 27 July. G8ACE & G3PYB increase the

76GHz distance to 27km

This latest 76Ghz QSO was from Crabwood near Winchester to Portsdown Hill north of Portsmouth.

Diode Multiplier transmitters were used and the original Transverters used for receiving.

Full duplex operation was possible on 76Ghz through the use of these seperate transmitter receivers.

Listen to the FM signal from G3PYB

Saturday 6 May 2000 G8ACE & G8BKE go to Lane End, SE of Winchester &

G3PYB goes to Butser, NE of Portsmouth, for 17km tests.

Visibility was around 5km at best during these tests and a rain shower moving through the path during transmissions gave an insight to the amount of extra attenuation rain will cause at this frequency. Because of the lack of visibility on this normally LOS path, dishes were aligned using 24GHz. Again transverters in use for these tests.

G3PYB used both FM and SSB for transmission, a sample can be heard here. SSBFM

Friday 5 May 2000. G8ACE & G3PYB make a first QSO on 76Ghz

This once again using the path from G8ACE to Bridgetts Farm some 6km to the north east.

As a LOS path, dishes were aligned visually and microwave contact made directly on 76G

though of course 2m talkback was used for initial communication purposes.

Transverters in use at both ends.Listen to the FM signal from G3PYB

16 April 2000

G8ACE/P, St Paul's Epistle and G3FYX/P, Cleeve Common

make a QSO over a 6km path during the 24/47 Ghz Activity Period

Listen to G3FYX/P using SSB



March 2000 A UK First on 76 Ghz.

G8ACE/P & G8BKE/P QSO on 76 Ghz over a 1 km path in the

New Forest and then a 6.5 km path at Winchester

Listen to the signal from G8ACE