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241 GHz  First reception test on 241 GHz the
length of the local street 0.41 Km
  241 GHz Equipment Description
of the major parts
 Test at Long Walk 3.8Km distance
from the home qth
  Test at the edge of Shroner Wood
6.7Km distance from home QTH
  Pigeon Oscillating at 241 GHz
134 GHz
Fraser Shepherd Award
for 134 GHz
UK Distance

134 GHz 34 Km QSO
122 GHz   First test of the 122 GHz equipment
on 2 March 2017
Reflected signal from a TV antenna and
reflected signal with doppler from a tree
MK2 anti parallel diode x3 system
comparing to MK1 single diode x5
G8KQW G8ACE Cheesefoot Head testing
76 GHz with G8BKE New Forest
76 GHz
 UK 76 GHz  Distance Record
Ventnor to Ditchling Beacon - Sea Path 

 Ventnor to Firle Beacon - Sea Path
 G - GW Batcombe to Eglwsilan
 G8ACE at Barr Beacon
G8KQW at Brown Clee
47 GHz  Cheesefoot Head Winchester
 G8BKE using light waves to mark his portable
location. Look towards left side at top tree line

 47 GHz at Brill NE Oxford
to G8KQW Shenlow

 Povington to Butser Hill
24 GHz 24GHz at Brill NE of Oxford
to G8KQW Shenlow
10 GHz
The 3cm Quickstarter
 Testing the 3cm Quickstarter
 G4ALY using the 3cm Quickstarter
at Kit Hill Cornwall
5760 MHz
3400 MHz

9cm Dish at Walbury Hill with
Log Perodic feed - click to open